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Bhutto “Bin Laden dead”

I found this interesting youtube post while raiding some of the Iowa political blogs.  Bhutto being interviewed states that Osama Bin Laden had been murdered. Listen to it.  She states this 2:15 seconds into the interview.  My understanding is that the BBC edited the interview and removed her quote before airing. Not sure what to make of it… Here is…

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Tsongas: Illegal Immigrants are American Citizens and should get drivers licenses

How did I miss this one?  During the NECN debate last week, Niki Tsongas called illegal immigrants Amercian Citizens already.  Nevermind a pathway to citizenship, in Niki’s heart she believes they already are citizens.  Talk about your Freudian slips. And hey since they are already citizens we should probably give them drivers licenses right Niki? “[Tsongas] supports driver’s licenses for…

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