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Creepy Choir Obamatots taught to sing sweet devotions for The Chosen One. Not so different, really, from… …singing the praises of Dear Leader.…

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Bush Bailout Rescues Chinese Banks

People are still questioning this?

It is written into the bailout bill in plain English; yet people are in voluntary denial and debate among themselves all the imaginary egalatarian reasons to support this theft.

If this does not make you furious than you are just plain dense and unworthy of any consideration.

They took your jobs, they took your home…

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Obama Win = Financial Gain for Debate Moderator

I admit, I was a bit concerned, upon learning that Gwen Ifill, of PBS’s Washington Week and frequent panelist on the Sunday talk show circuit, would be moderating the Vice Presidential Debate between Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. “Take it easy”, I told myself, “I mean, other than being liberal, how bad could it be?” Then I…

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Video: Put Tolls on 93 and Raise the Gas Tax

More Tolls in Western Mass, more tolls going North and South, and raising the gas tax… those are official positions of the Democrat candidate running against Dan Haley – who is trying to fill the seat being vacated by Rep. Paul Loscocco Check out Dan’s opponent talk about gas tax hikes and more tolls here: No matter if you live…

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