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The Al Smith Dinner

My name is Karl Marx and I'm not here to spread the wealth (at the point of a gun or with a smile). I'm here to spread some cheer.   Best line: Olberman and his padded room.  Obama was pretty good too!…

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Question 2 Discussions?

I recently read someplace that question 2, a referendum proposal to decriminalize possesion of marijuana, was polling roughly at a draw.

I have seen little discussion of this question so far here on RMG so I will attempt to stir the pot …. Thoughts?…

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This Man Says BS To The Racism Accusations

  Two prominent Democrats Rep. Gregory Meeks and Rep. Ed Towns attacked Sarah Palin, calling her a racist, for her comments questioning Barack Obama on his domestic terrorist ties.  They are joined by numerous members of the liberal mainstream media and assorted talking heads of the left. One man has had enough of the hollow accusations. Lt. Col. Allen West…

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