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Lots of videos on Mormon Transhumanism

This guy speaks really slowly, but he does manage to explain Mormon teaching about the obligation to become Gods and achieve immortality. It’s what his Dad taught him, and what Joseph Smith instructed Mormons to do, so it is really implausible that Mitt Romney and Harry Reid don’t also believe it. I’m giving the link to YouTube rather than imbedding…

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Our Kickoff Video

(Welcome to RMG Richard – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) I wanted to share with the RMG community our recent video from the campaign kickoff last week in Wakefield.   We are recruiting volunteers to join our campaign to win in the 6th Congressional District.   Please sign up here to join our team and thank you to all of…

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Porn Posted on O’Neill and Associates YouTube Account

by Jack Gately, contact: @jackgatelycom Hackers apparently accessed the YouTube account of the prestigious public affairs consulting firm O’Neill and Associates today and posted well over a dozen racy videos of scantily clad young ladies smoking pot and enjoying each others company. Update: As of early Tuesday morning hackers had now posted over two dozen videos to O’Neill and Associates…

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