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One Year Later – Issues with Bathroom Law Unresolved

One year ago today, women and children in Massachusetts were forced to forfeit their rights to privacy in order to indulge the sexual “dysphoria” of others. The 2016 “Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Act” was sold to the public as necessary legislation to protect transgendered individuals from being kicked out of restaurants, hotels and hospitals. What the citizens of Massachusetts weren’t told…

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Budget Update: 24 Hours to Act on Amendments

It’s a busy week.  The budget debate is underway at the State House, there are upcoming hearings, and we are holding a fundraiser on Sunday.

    In just three short days, legislators will deal with over 1,200 amendments, on everything from taxes to parental rights. Thank you to all who attended the Lyons/Lombardo press conference on MassHealth this morning. It is

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Massachusetts Rep. defends sex offenders?

If you live in Massachusetts, chances are you’ve heard of the controversial new “Transgender Bathroom and Locker Room Law.” In a nutshell, the law says if someone believes they are the “opposite gender,” then they are legally able to use that gender’s the bathrooms and locker rooms in public places.   The law also imposes a possible year of jail…

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