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State Lawmakers Exploit Loophole to Pad Pensions by $3 Million

Ten former state lawmakers are enjoying early, enhanced pensions after quitting the Legislature, beneficiaries of a loose, even questionable, reading of state law that could cost state taxpayers up to $3 million in additional retirement costs, according to a Globe review. The State Retirement Board granted the special benefits under a 1950 law that says public officials can take immediate…

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Limping into the SouthCoast: Politically Damaged Gov. Deval Patrick

Imagine my surprise when I read this article in today’s Standard-Times by a self-professed liberal reporter.   http://www.southcoasttoday.com… How can it be that Deval Patrick was so good at running his gubernatorial campaign but is so bad at running the state? Almost since Day 1, Patrick has stepped into one avoidable political mine field after another. And now he’s reached…

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Treasurer Tim Cahill Faces State Ethics Board Inquiry

State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill is facing a state ethics inquiry for awarding a $21 million state lottery contract to a company that was secretly paying Cahill’s close friend and fund-raiser, Thomas F. Kelly, tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees, according to multiple people who have been briefed on the investigation. Investigators from the state Ethics Commission interviewed…

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Looking ahead to the 2010 Governor’s race

( – promoted by Cool Cal) I am finding it increasingly unlikely that Deval Patrick will be seeking another term as Massachusetts Governor. With this latest appointment of political ally Marian Walsh to a position that hasn’t been filled in a dozen years, it just seems like he doesn’t give a crap anymore, and is just paying back his pals…

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Treasurer Tim Cahill Looking to Upgrade to Governor in 2010?

State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill is giving serious consideration to running for governor next year, either in a challenge to Deval Patrick for the Democratic nomination or possibly as an independent candidate, advisers to Cahill said recently. Cahill will complete a serious assessment by Labor Day to decide what political route he will follow, first looking at his chances of…

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Mass. debt will do us in

Add to that a pension crisis By Eric Fehrnstrom

The Boston Herald – Monday, January 19, 2009 Recent headlines from Massachusetts tell a depressing tale – “Jobless numbers increase,” “State revenues plummet.” The time is ripe for bold leadership on the economy and budget. I tuned in to Gov. Deval Patrick’s State of the State speech last week expecting a…

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