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The big challenge facing MassGOP: Who will run for Treasurer?

(If a candidate started fundraising now, they might not need to have “deep pockets.”  Paul Cellucci didn’t self-finance his run for Governor in 1998, and he had a brutal  Primary… – promoted by Cool Cal) Cahill’s announcement that he’s leaving the Democratic Party to become an independent presents the MassGOP with a major opportunity. If Cahill runs for Governor on…

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Tim Cahill Voted to Double Longtime Supporter & Fundraiser’s Pension

A longtime political supporter and fund-raiser for state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill is collecting the kind of lucrative pension typically reserved for public safety personnel such as police and prison guards, even though she held administrative jobs in the Norfolk County sheriff’s office. Cahill voted to approve the hazardous duty pension for Josephine E. Shea in 2000, while he was…

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Tim Cahill: Democrats are a “cozy majority that breeds corruption”

Tim Cahill slams fellow Dems by Hillary Chabot of the Boston Herald. A feisty Treasurer Tim Cahill – emboldened by an onslaught of scandals by his fellow Democrats – yesterday slammed his own party, saying Democratic leaders, including Gov. Deval Patrick, are compromised by a cozy majority that breeds corruption. Cahill, who is considering a run for governor, said he…

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Tim Cahill’s Buddy Brokers Pension Deal

     The Boston Globe admits that “There was nothing illegal about the financial arrangements….” but do you think that this transaction meets the proverbial smell test?  Isn’t it (legal) entanglements such as this where officials, or at least those in their inner circle, make out like bandits that turn off the average voter? He is a close political ally…

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The Politics of M. I. N. E.

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Enough This has been one of the many anti-tax slogans conveyed across the country last month during the under reported Tea Party rallies.  Obama’s new puppy has gotten more press than hundreds of thousands of people that showed up all across the country to protest over taxation and wasteful government spending.  How…

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