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Christy Live is Dead

Having just watched the ABC miniseries ‘V’, I’m beginning to wonder if the King of Slurpies and potato chips is one of the alien ‘visitors’ portrayed in the ABC network’s new hit series which premiered this week.  Put another way, Is there really anyone in Massachusetts with living brain tissue who thinks that Christy Mihos is….well….a person sufficiently steady at…

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Refreshing honesty

I read a huge Herald article about Christy Mihos doing a live tv show on his web page starting today.  At first, I didn’t know what to make of it but I wanted to tune in. I must say I was impressed.  Here’s a candidate for governor who had the courage to pick up the phone and give straight answers…

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Suffolk University/7NEWS Poll Reaction

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) I encourage you all to take a look at the Suffolk University/7NEWS poll which just came out.  Some interesting things in there, including that more people view Governor Patrick unfavorably than favorably and only 29% of those polled believe he should be reelected.

The majority of people think Massachusetts is headed in the wrong…

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Charlie, Me & RMG (w/poll)

( – promoted by DD4RP) As the nascent 2010 Governor’s race begins to take form, there seems to be a whiff of change in the air at RMG.  Many may suggest that they smell victory in the air, but to me it stinks of hypocrisy and compromised principles.   Over the last couple of years, some Republicans here (well, they…

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BBJ: Baker hires Rob Gray

( – promoted by DD4RP) The Boston Business Journal is reporting that prospective GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker has just hired Rob Gray.  Is this a bold response to Christy Mihos’s selection of Dick Morris? What does Gray bring to the Baker campaign? [poll id=” 131 “]…

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