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The Conversation, Episode 3 — Amateur Hour With Darius Mitchell. Guest-Starring Rachel Miselman

Update: I’ll be the first to say it: This was a garbage interview. The volume levels between me and Darius are wildly disparate. At times you can hear me struggling to weave some meaning out of the seemingly aimless discussion. Awkward pauses punctuated by the chirp of Darius’s smoke alarm. However… I had fun. And I especially enjoyed the running…

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The Conversation, Episode 2 – There Hugo Again

As any of the useless apparatchiks of the Mass GOP would glibly tell you, John Hugo’s campaign to replace the 5th congressional district’s Congresswoman Kathrine Clark looks like a lost cause. For frame of reference: Not one of the 24 municipalities in the 5th district went to Trump, and in most of them he didn’t even come close. In Cambridge,…

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The Conversation, Episode 1 – Heidi Who?

New project here. Let me know if you guys like it. In this first episode I talk with Heidi Wellman, one of the lesser-known Republicans campaigning for Liz Warren’s senate seat. It’s a far-roving conversation that takes us from Marlborough to Moscow to Pyongyang then back again. What do you think of Heidi’s chances? What should I be doing better?…

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