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Kaufman on Debates: “We Accomplished Everything We Wanted and more”

Yesterday former Red Mass Group publisher, Rob Eno, writing for Conservative Review outlined the debate negotiating process and Massachusetts National Committeeman Ron Kaufman’s part in negotiations. Duprey was not the only person on the committee who was problematic.  Also on the committee is Ron Kaufman, a longtime Bushtablishment loyalist from Massachusetts.   Kaufman was instrumental, as a member of the Romney…

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2016 Republican Floor Fight? Be there!

The Republican State Committee recently voted to choose 2016 Republican Convention delegates through the caucus system. So anyone who’s registered to vote as a Republican by February 10, 2016 can run in a caucus to be delegate to the 2016 Republican Convention! But why run? First, look at the field of candidates? There’s likely never been as much energy and…

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State Committee adopts Minority Report; Keeps the Caucus System for 2016 delegate selection

On Wednesday, 16 September 2015 the Republican State Committee voted 37 to 35 to keep the caucus system for choosing delegates to the 2016 Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The hotly contested caucus plan, offered as a Minority Report from the Convention Rules Subcommittee, competed with the Majority Report that gave the authority to choose the delegates to the candidates.…

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Dean Cavaretta: It is Time for a New Mass Playbook

24 months ago, some of us involved in senior positions on the various 2010 statewide campaigns launched our website: www.NewMassPlaybook.com   Our collaboration was a sincere attempt at self-examination and determination to try and run MA Republican campaigns differently and more effectively, after all the votes were cast in the Gubernatorial Election Cycle. Now in 2012, maybe we needed to…

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Transparency for a Brighter Future

There are many questions to be asked about the state and direction of the Massachusetts Republican party.  However, in presenting these questions, we all must act in a measured way. Republicans and conservatives stand for acting responsibly, while offering pragmatic solutions. Now is a time to act worthy of ourselves, and not rush to conclusions. One conclusion we should not…

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2nd Middlesex

(Welcome Travis – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Hi,

I just wanted to introduce myself, I’m the new State Committeman for the 2nd Middlesex (Medford, Winchester, most of Somerville, and a tiny part of Woburn).  I was wondering if anyone on here lived in the 2nd Middlesex, or knew any Republicans who did and could send them my way.   There’s…

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