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Like Admiral Ackbar said: It’s a Trap!

  Maybe it’s because my middle name is Francis and I learned to fight before I learned to read, but I don’t expect people to like me. This has given me the advantage in many situations. I’ve always asked the prettiest girls to dance. I’ve never been afraid of speaking in front of groups. And I’ve never shied away from…

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Promoting Prudent Fiscal Stewardship

Rob Eno from RedMassGroup recently wrote about RMG’s new project that will score, going back ten years, every spending and debt vote taken by Republican Legislators.  Scored will be Budget Bills, Supplemental Budget Bills, and bond bills.  Votes scored will only be on the final bills, not amendments.  Eno’s concern is that many conservative organizations focus only on opposing tax…

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Sorry Ed Markey, WhiteHouse.gov says Evergreen Solar was funded by federal government

Ed Markey told a whopper of a lie, in tonight’s debate.  In response to Ed Markey questioning his business record, Gabriel Gomez mentioned Markey’s “green energy” boondoggles.  Specifically Gomez brought up A123 Systems and Evergreen Solar.  Markey’s response?  “Evergreen Solar was funded by the state, not the federal government.”   Too bad for Ed Markey, this just isn’t true.  Evergreen…

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