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MA-05 Debate On NECN – An Analysis

  The NECN debate held last Friday (Ocober 5), was televised statewide & moderated by Jim Braude. It was one of the last opportunities for voters in the MA-05 district to see the five candidates in action before the October 16 general election. It will be replayed again tonight (Monday). In my opinion, Ogonowski squandered many opportunities to shine before…

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Tsongas’ take on immigration

No really she said first that the Bush administration hasn’t done enough to enforce current laws. And that one was more likely to be bit by an Alligator than to be arrested for breaking immigration law.  Then Niki said that when our laws were enforced they were enforce wrong.  WHAT???? Do you want to enforce immigration law or not Ms.…

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Lowell Police Patrolmen’s Union endorse Ogonowski

(Ogonowski’s first Union Endorsement. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Word got to me (before it got to Jim) that the Lowell Police Patrolmen’s Union voted by an overwhelming majority last night to endorse Jim Ogonowski in the race for the 5th Congressional District. I would have reported it earlier, but my cell battery had died and I didnt get the…

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