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Cape Cod Legislators, Julian Cyr & Sarah Peake, Will Be Responsible For Human Fatalities Via Shark Attacks This Summer Because Of Inaction

Speaking only as one individual Barnstable County Commissioner, I want to express my serious concern about an issue that is not being appropriately addressed by Cape Cod communities, our legislative delegation, or the feds. On Cape Cod this summer, if a person is again devoured or maimed by a great white shark at a public beach, it will cause an…

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Glorifying Cape Cod Killer Sharks Is Insanity

The contemporary inane glorification of a highly dangerous and menacing predator, the Great White Shark, by some environmental extremists, fanatical animal rights activists, narrowly focused scientists, and pandering bureaucrats, as some sort of demi-god is a dangerous practice. Moreover, coupled with the utter lack of concern or action by the same aforementioned parties regarding the Cape Cod seal overpopulation problem…

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