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Littleton Rally

My husband and I stopped by for a very enthusiastic stop on the Brown bus tour. We stayed for about an hour, and people were still streaming in to get a chance to meet Scott. The campaign office in Littleton is just Rt. 495, and there was a lot of traffic as we neared rush hour. It was loud!! Lots…

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Politico: Brown +9%


Brown 52.2%

Coakley 43.1%

Kennedy 1.9%

No Opinion 2.8% Scott Brown leads 68.7% to 27.5% among unenrolled/independent voters.


InsiderAdvantage/Politico: Brown +9%

ARG: Brown +7%

Daily Kos/R2000: Tie

PJM/CrossTarget (R): Brown +10%

PPP (D): Brown +5%

InsideMedford/MRG: Brown +10%

Suffolk/7News: Brown +4%

Rasmussen Reports: Coakley +2% Come on Rasmussen!  Tell me something good!…

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Coakley Needs Money

Martha Coakley’s latest email touts her  final TV ad showcasing President Obama as a strong supporter of Coakley. Coakley does not speak except for the obligatory “I am Martha Coakley and I approve this message” line. She asks for money and that is an extremely important part of the email because it tells us that the Coakley campaign is…

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