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New Hampshire – Can I Propose a Trade?

New Hampshire GOP, could we here in Massachusetts propose a trade?  We will offer you our best player, the star of our team, to help you win back a Senatorial seat, but we need something in return.  We Republicans here in Massachusetts have been watching our donations and efforts go to your state for years, and we can ill afford…

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MassGOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Warren Chief of Staff

Today, I signed and filed a formal complaint, on behalf of the Massachusetts Republican Party, with the Senate Ethics Committee against Elizabeth Warren’s Chief of Staff Mindy Myers seeking an immediate investigation into potentially illegal partisan fundraising email sent by Mindy Myers while acting in her capacity as a Senate employee. On Friday, September 27, 2013 at 1:35 PM, Mindy…

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Massachusetts GOP: Do Not Despair

The Massachusetts GOP rejected the national Republican party platform last year. The National Conferences should have amended its plank on abortion a long time ago. This wise move must be repeated throughout the fifty states. The GOP “1%” has been dictating to the states and the local races too much. The Republican Party does not need a resurgence of ”Lincoln…

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