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Scott Brown Announcing in NH Today?

Signs are pointing to a Scott Brown announcement here today at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua NH.   For instance, take a look at his sponsor ad rolling on the screen. By coming soon, I think they mean 4:30 this afternoon.  When he is scheduled to speak. I will be updating you all day here at the Conference.…

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Voter Registration Does Not (Have To) Matter

The voter registration in Massachusetts certainly appears daunting. With a three-to-one Democratic spread, and a whole bunch of independents going either way (usually to the left), and an ultimate low of 10% registered Republicans, the Massachusetts GOP has more than its work cut out for taking back Beacon Hill. Or does it? The year 2010 was a watershed year, certainly,…

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A SEAL doesn’t hide behind human shields.

This post is about the differences between Gabriel Gomez, Scott Brown, and Charlie Baker. During the phase Gomez was defending his “Klan” remarks about Christopher Pinto and Rob Eno (we’ll call it “the morning” to distinguish it from “the afternoon,” where he apologized for language, not content) he suggested the problem was with activists questioning whether he, Charlie Baker, and…

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