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Shaheen ahead of Brown in NH by 3 points; she should be ahead by more

A world of Mark Fisher voters is out there. Unbelievable. Nose to spite face. “In one of the most surprising results of the Suffolk-Herald poll, Shaheen is winning more than 40 percent of Republican primary voters who supported one of Brown’s GOP challengers. That indicates many conservatives and other GOP voters still hold some animosity against the former Massachusetts senator…

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Getting to 50.1%: Evaluating Massachusetts Republican Victory Coalitions

(Good analysis – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) This diary was cross-posted from Red Racing Horses. Introduction For the past half century, Massachusetts has been one of the country’s most reliably Democratic states. However, certain Republicans running there in the past 30 years have been able to break through the state’s traditional Republican ceiling and win the Bay State…

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Republicans Must Make The 2014 Midterm Elections “A National Referendum” On Obama’s Amnesty Plans

An article posted on Breitbart.com should be utilized as an important memo for all GOP candidates running this year for either the US Senate or the House of Representatives: make the 2014 midterm elections a national referendum on President Barack Obama‘s post-election scheme to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. James P. Pinkerton, a veteran of the Reagan White…

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