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Sanctuary Cities and Towns… Or a Sanctuary State?

Progressives operating under national leadership are working town by town, city by city, across the Commonwealth to turn municipalities into sanctuary cities and towns. Over the past several weeks we’ve organized online petitions in at risk municipalities, and sent them to contacts in our database, asking volunteers to circulate them via email and social media. The links to each can…

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Sanctuary City Hardest Hit by Budget Cuts

It was disappointing to most when Charlie Baker came out in tacit support of sanctuary cities with his hands off policy. “I’ve said all along I think decisions about how communities want to manage public safety and community issues belong to them,” Baker said Wednesday morning. “It’s incumbent on our administration and congressional delegation to work hard to make…

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The Mass GOP, Sanctuary Cities, and the Rest of the Story

On 18 November 2015, the Massachusetts State Committee adopted a resolution condemning Sanctuary Cities. At a time when sanctuary cities are being debated in the Congress, the Legislature, and on the Republican nomination stage, this was an important statement for the Mass GOP to make. The State Committee adopted the resolution unanimously, but not before two resolving paragraphs were struck…

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