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Oppose the “Re-Drafted” Sanctuary State Bill

Last month our organization and other advocates for public safety cheered as the deadline for legislation to be reported favorably out of committee on Beacon Hill (known as Joint Rule 10 Day) came and went without advancing SB1305/HB3269, the “Safe Communities Act” or Sanctuary State Bill. But as you probably heard in various news reports, they left-wing activist legislators don’t…

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Sanctuary State Bills Die

Congratulations! You did it! Your emails, phone calls, on online petition signing worked! We learned last night that the “[Un]Safe” Communities Act (aka the Sanctuary State bill) has not advanced in committee. It has been “sent to study,” rather than receiving a favorable report, which means it would be very unlikely for it to come up for a vote. This…

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Stop the Sanctuary State Bill

Time is of the essence so I’ll be brief: the deadline for legislation to advance or be killed on Beacon Hill is quickly approaching, and we need to contact our legislators today to stop HB 3269, the Sanctuary State bill. Known as “Joint Rule 10 Day,” Committees must make reports to advance or kill legislation by February 7. We need…

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