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Want to Join Your Town or Ward Committee, How about Being a StateCommittee Person

( – promoted by Peter Porcupine) Here are the deadlines for ward, town and state committee elections.  This is from an email Peter Torkildsen sent out. As a friendly reminder, there are several key dates coming up of concern for those running (re)election to the state committee and their local town/ ward committee.  Please share this list and link with…

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FYI: Interesting Bay Windows Article On Recent Vote Taken By The MA Republican State Committee

State GOP Committee votes for motion directing Republican lawmakers to support marriage amendment Laura Kiritsy
lkiritsy@baywindows.com The Mass. Republican State Committee voted May 24 to instruct Party Chairman Peter Torkildsen to send a written request that Republican state legislators vote in favor of an anti-gay marriage amendment. Debate around the vote exposed a divide on the committee on the issue…

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Meeting Peter Torkildsen

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Adapted from original post at TMR As we all know, it’s not a whole lot of laughs being a republican in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  In spite of the recent efforts of our new chief executive – Coupe Deval, the Cadillac of Governors – to show the electorate of Massachusetts precisely why one-party domination…

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