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In Effort to Avert Crisis, Fed to Guaranty Bottle Deposits

NATICK, Mass.  Lionel Spofford thought he was safe from the credit crisis that roiled world markets last week, as he’s always been conservative with his finances.  “I’ve got a fixed-rate mortgage and I don’t buy stocks,” he said as he loaded a box of empty beer bottles into the back of his 2002 Toyota Highlander.  “I’m feeling a little blind-sided…

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Washed-Up 80’s Rockers Clamor for McCain-Palin Infringement

(Welcome back conchapman. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) AUSTIN, Texas.  Suzee Bullens was one-half of the group Kid Sister, which scored a gold record in 1987 with “Love Like Totally Sucks”.  “For awhile there I had everything going for me,” she says as sips her chai tea at Stash, a coffeehouse here.  “Now, whenever someone downloads one of my songs…

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