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The Colossal Dig

I think I've figured out a perfect way for the government to spend the stimulus money. I call it “The Colassal Dig.” It would be a one-way underground tunnel connecting Montague to Gosnold. Think of all the jobs it would create:

    The guy who drinks coffee The guy who gets the coffee The recylcing coordinator to throw away the coffee

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“50 Ways to Tax your Hummer” – By Deval Patrick

(Given that Deval called the gas tax beautiful yesterday.  This oldie but goodie needs to be repromoted.  …. 50 ways to tax your hummer….. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) My apologies to Paul Simon…

Sung to the tune of “50 Ways to leave your lover”


“The problem is all inside your head”, Deval said to me


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