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Getting to 50.1%: Evaluating Massachusetts Republican Victory Coalitions

(Good analysis – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) This diary was cross-posted from Red Racing Horses. Introduction For the past half century, Massachusetts has been one of the country’s most reliably Democratic states. However, certain Republicans running there in the past 30 years have been able to break through the state’s traditional Republican ceiling and win the Bay State…

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Deval Patrick Tells David Gregory RomneyCare “Has Not Broken The Budget”

Kimberly Atkins, not exactly a right wing conservative, has a great column in today’s Boston Herald, where she claims Mitt Romney cleaned Deval Patrick’s clock on Obamacare. The anger Romney expressed over the comparison Obama made between the Bay State health care measure that 
Romney signed into law and 
Obamacare was echoed by former U.S. senator – and possible…

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Nominate Someone Who Will Win This Time

OK, so the lesson should be pretty clear by now. Brown and Romney were the last Republicans to win elections here, and they were also the last Republicans to stand up for traditional marriage. The Democrats will almost certainly nominate someone who is strongly in favor of gay marriage. Let’s give the voters a choice in the Special Election to…

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Obligatory Predictions for Tuesday Open Thread…

Here are my predictions for Tuesday. President:

I firmly believe that this is race is not as close as the media is reporting. Romney wins pretty easily and the race is called in the 10pm hour. Mitt wins Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Maine’s 2nd District. Losses Pennslyvania and Michigan narrowingly. Electoral College:

Romney 296 Obama…

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