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NYT Polling Bias

The New York Times recently released a poll showing Obama’s popularity spread much higher than any other active poll at +37.  With a margin of error of only +/-3% how can this be explained? In the past, I have discussed how “Likely Voter” polls give more accurate results than “Registered Voter” polls or “Adults.”  The Rasmussen Likely Voters poll currently…

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State Run Media

The liberal media establishment has been a long time target of conservatives.  They overwhelmingly endorse Democrats for office.  They print leftist editorials as factual news.  Headline writers spin every story to make the left look good and the right look bad.  They cheerleaded President Obama into office.  Their bias seems to know no end. According to the DRUDGE REPORT ABC…

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“Fairness” Doctrine – It’s Baaaaaaack!

The “Fairness” Doctrine isn’t something new, but what Clinton said recently is. Let’s talk about this so-called “Fairness Doctrine for a moment.  The left wing media establishment controls virtually all media.  The one noticeable exception is talk radio.  Guess where the people in power are now demanding “fairness.”  Yep, the only form of media where there is descent. It doesn’t…

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Young Frankenstein ..

As I sit in front of my television (ie .. idiot box) revelling in all the glory that is to be America’s and Obama’s “historic” day, I cant help but be reminded of that scene from the movie Young Frankenstein when that creation comes to life.

“Its A-live”

Obama is a media creation after all, so it seems only fitting…

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