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Some Facts Regarding Voting Records of Chair Candidates

UPDATE: I removed the links to the Pepperell information because, though public information, it included info on other Pepperell residents.  I am working to remove that other data and will repost the link to the document. I would like to present the following facts related to the voting and registration records of both candidates for Party Chairman.  I have included…

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Endorsement of Rick Green from Nicolas Sanchez

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Yesterday, I received the following email from Nicolas Sanchez, an economics professor at Holy Cross and the Framingham RCC’s vice chairman. I thought it might be of interest to readers of RedMass as the chair’s race winds toward a conclusion in two nights from now. As always, full disclosure: I have endorsed…

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MassGOP Chairman’s Role as a Public Spokesperson

I received this email, with this subject line, yesterday from State Committeewoman Patricia Jennings. If there is one thing we all learned from the last election cycle, it’s just how quickly the wrong words spoken to the wrong audience can turn our party and its candidates upside down.  Governor Romney’s 47% remark will stick with many after this election.  One…

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