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Do Any RMGers Care That Bob Maginn Violated Campaign Finance Law?

Watching the Bob Maginn vs. Frank McNamara race for MassGOP Chair has been interesting.  What’s been more interesting has been watching RMGers response to Maginn’s violations of Republican orthodoxy.  Maginn maxed out to Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer?  No big deal.  Maginn’s wife is sympathetic to the Occupy movement (the same movement that the MassGOP is currently attacking Elizabeth Warren for…

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Bob Maginn’s 10 Point Plan for the MassGOP

As posted on Bob Maginn’s official website, www.MaginnForChair.com here is his 10 Point Plan as taken from http://www.maginnforchair.com/… 1) Principles: I’m a Republican because I am a conservative – I’m not a conservative because I’m a Republican.  My beliefs represent a healthy balance of what our Grand Old Party is comprised of: reduce the scope of government regulations, grow our…

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