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Go Away, Mr. Gomez

The last thing the Massachusetts GOP needs is a Republican US Senate candidate who not only loses, but gives people more reasons for people to think that the Republican Party has lost its fire power, its bearings, and its aims. I am writing candidly about Mr. Gabriel Gomez and his recently published Boston Globe Op-Ed. He admits that he was…

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Massachusetts GOP: Do Not Despair

The Massachusetts GOP rejected the national Republican party platform last year. The National Conferences should have amended its plank on abortion a long time ago. This wise move must be repeated throughout the fifty states. The GOP “1%” has been dictating to the states and the local races too much. The Republican Party does not need a resurgence of ”Lincoln…

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Conservative Victories Worldwide

Australia, Norway, and Colorado are two countries and one state with as much alike as black and white, except that in the past week, the three locales witnessed conservative upset victories, all of which should embolden Republicans in the Westside (and throughout the United States) that limited government, classical liberal values can win, with the right campaign resources, the right…

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