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“It’s a form of double taxation,”…

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is receiving some well deserved grief from business interests unhappy with his ill-conveived tax policies. Apparently the governor doesn’t realize (or care) that business interests can domicile in locations other than Massachusetts. Moreover, if you give those business interests reason to go elsewhere, they will. As is the apparent case according to the Organization for International…

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Mass. debt will do us in

Add to that a pension crisis By Eric Fehrnstrom

The Boston Herald – Monday, January 19, 2009 Recent headlines from Massachusetts tell a depressing tale – “Jobless numbers increase,” “State revenues plummet.” The time is ripe for bold leadership on the economy and budget. I tuned in to Gov. Deval Patrick’s State of the State speech last week expecting a…

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Stuggling busniesses close in MA, stay open in other states.

Natick tool plant expected to close

By Michael Morton/Daily News staff

MetroWest Daily News

Posted Jan 16, 2009 @ 11:22 PM

NATICK – An international tool-making company confirmed yesterday that it will likely close its West Central Street plant by June, potentially ending four decades of operations there and putting 80 employees out of work…. Secor said the company had…

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Coming home? Migration to Massachusetts increases!

Studies claiming that out-migration is a signal of economic decline should always be taken with a bit of sharp skepticism. Now a study by the moving conglomerate United Van Lines is showing an opposite trend. People are moving back to Massachusetts, particularly from California. …a much-watched migration report by United Van Lines shows that, for the first time since 1987,…

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