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URGENT! Oppose Massachusetts Sanctuary State Legislation

Sanctuary policies threaten public safety. Illegal aliens are up to five and a half times more likely to be incarcerated in state prisons and county jails than are U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. Moreover, sanctuary policies are unfair to legal immigrants who did things right and followed the law to come to America properly. Also, police don’t need sanctuary policies…

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Beaty Calls Upon DeLeo to Step Down as Speaker

Liberal Democrat Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo should officially step down! When elected as a Republican State Representative for the 5th Barnstable District, I shall formally make that request. Tainted legislative leadership is NOT acceptable in our General Court! There are times that our elected representatives must exhibit leadership by example, and have the courage not to simply be a…

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Wanted: conservative free speech advocates

You should care about a case pending before the commonwealth’s highest court if your answer to the following question is “no.” Should politicians be allowed to use the harassment-prevention laws to silence their opponents? That is the essence of the issue that the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) will wrestle with in December when it hears oral arguments in Van Liew…

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Time for Public Hearings on Boston 2024/Go Boston 2030 Spending

Cross posted at BlueMassGroup.com In Tuesday’s edition of the Boston Herald an article appeared stating that members of Boston 2024 and Go Boston 2030 have been meeting “behind closed doors” with some state legislators and transportation officials to discuss long-term transportation plans for the Boston.  Many of those duly elected and charged with helping to shape the Commonwealth’s transportation policy…

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Is New England Going Red in 2014?

In 2014, Republican Governors are staving off attacks in their respective contests. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Michigan’s Rick Snyder are breaking away from their Democratic opponents, despite a few months of setbacks, with middling poll numbers. Other Republican Governors are struggling, or have become political dead meat. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback enshrined comprehensive tax and spending cuts. He also…

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Deval Patrick (D) gets an F from the Cato Institute


– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) From the report entitled Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors 2014 “Governor Patrick’s low score results mainly from his record of proposed and enacted tax increases. In 2012 he proposed higher taxes on cigarettes and corporations. In 2013 he signed into law increases in sales taxes, cigarette taxes, and gas taxes.…

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