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Baker’s Fisherman Story May Have Won Him The 2014 Election

Massachusetts Republican candidate Charlie Baker may have cinched the 2014 gubernatorial election due in part to the anecdote he delivered during a debate sponsored by WCVB-Channel 5. As he spoke about talking issues with a fisherman, Baker became visibly emotional. Democrat candidate Martha Coakley gamely tried to tap into the moment by providing her own take on how federal regulations…

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MA GOP Charlie Baker: To Obama’s Left?

In a 2010 interview with Boston Globe guest columnist Yvonne Abraham, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker claimed to be “to the left of Barack Obama” on social issues. Well. Some aggressive progressives are deeply disappointed with their President, claiming that he has played centrist on so many issues. Such is the fate of every ideologue once he takes a leadership…

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Getting to 50.1%: Evaluating Massachusetts Republican Victory Coalitions

(Good analysis – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) This diary was cross-posted from Red Racing Horses. Introduction For the past half century, Massachusetts has been one of the country’s most reliably Democratic states. However, certain Republicans running there in the past 30 years have been able to break through the state’s traditional Republican ceiling and win the Bay State…

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Common Core Forum Continues Free Educational Seminar Series

Citizen Group Welcomes Dr. Peg Luksik to Shrewsbury on September 17th SHREWSBURY, MA – Massachusetts parents, grandparents, activists as well as former and current educators recently formed Common Core Forum (CCF) – a grassroots organization dedicated to enlightening the public about the proposed Common Core States Standards, usually referred to as Common Core (CC). Common Core Forum is a statewide…

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Release: Common Core Forum (CCF) Declares Victory over Imploding PARCC Exam

Citizen Group instrumental in putting brakes on new high stakes test for students

WORCESTER, MA – Massachusetts parents, activists and former educators have formed Common Core Forum (CCF) – an organization dedicated to informing Moms and Dads and other stakeholders about the proposed PARCC exam and related Common Core State Standards.   In a few short months, CCF has worked…

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Grossman wins Nomination at the Democratic Convention

On Saturday Democrats from across the state gathered in Worcester, Massachusetts for the 2014 Democratic Convention. There they nominated candidates for treasurer, Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor. Despite several polls showing Coakley with a double-digit lead over Steve Grossman, that wasn’t the case on Saturday. 4609 Delegates participated in the voting process that eliminated two candidates for governor, and…

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