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Are we Republican hypocrites?

When we fail to promote transparency and good government within our party, then we are being hypocrites.  Last week’s State Committee meeting was a prime example.   Why wouldn’t we want to know how or if ballots for the Chairman’s fight were tampered with?  How can we fight for voter ID laws when we cannot even manage an honest 80…

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Elder Misfires With Tax Criticism; Blame Democrats Not One of Your Own

(Dean Cavarretta weighs in.     – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Under Proposition 2½, a Massachusetts municipality is subject to two tax limits: Ceiling: The total annual property tax revenue raised shall not exceed 2.5% of the assessed value of all taxable property contained in it. Increase limit: The annual increase of property tax cannot exceed 2.5%, plus…

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Cavaretta: A Message to Fellow Activists, Elected Officials and State Committee Members

Dear Fellow Republican

and Conservative Activists: I’m running for MA GOP Chair to run Republican campaigns more effectively; By offering our candidates an incentive-based roadmap for support [www.NewMassPlaybook.com]; with a new MA GOP message and updated brand that competes everywhere in our state, (including our capital city of Boston), with broader appeal to minorities, women and the unaffiliated; to develop…

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Half a Loaf, is Still Only Half a Loaf

Things need to change here in Massachusetts, especially in the Republican party. In this last election there were 81 House seats and 21 Senate seats which went uncontested in our State Legislature. That is over half. Couldn’t we have maybe gained just a few of those seats had we a candidate? Talking to others I have found the main reason…

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Dean Cavaretta: It is Time for a New Mass Playbook

24 months ago, some of us involved in senior positions on the various 2010 statewide campaigns launched our website: www.NewMassPlaybook.com   Our collaboration was a sincere attempt at self-examination and determination to try and run MA Republican campaigns differently and more effectively, after all the votes were cast in the Gubernatorial Election Cycle. Now in 2012, maybe we needed to…

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