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MassGOP Platform: Religion superior to government

Missed in the outrage over abortion and marriage, the just-passed MassGOP Platform has radical, sequential, statements on religion, which, taken together, reflect an angry desire to make religion superior to government: government can’t touch religious people, but religious people can put their values into policy when it chooses. This is a violation of even the most minimal view of the…

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MassGOP: Hopeless Candidates Positively Can Hurt Us

There are people running hopeless campaigns all over America. But in this state, where the Republican party is weak, they can harm us, even if just a little. We cannot afford any more damage, and it’s time to stop applauding every person who decides to run. We must distinguish between longshots that could help and longshots that could hurt. We…

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How MassGOP Should Handle Connector Meltdown: P-A-I-R

The Health Connector meltdown, a state government failure that is completely apart from the federal Patient Protection Act, has rocked Massachusetts politics, with multiple, shocking front-page stories in the Globe and Herald. This is clearly an opportunity for the MassGOP to explain how to help all these people in need and why we can do better. In fact, I think…

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How should MA Republicans argue with MA Democrats Online?

As the issue comes up sometimes, I wanted to answer following question: “How should Massachusetts Republicans argue with Massachusetts Democrats online?” It’s a hard question, but an important one for me and my fellow Republicans. Any amount of time spent on the Twitter hashtag #mapoli will show you just how much effort can be wasted on political dialogue with nothing …

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A powerful non-controversial MassGOP Platform

With the 2014 MassGOP convention coming up, many people are starting to think about what should be in the platform. The party has had a rather minimalist platform in the past, allowing candidates maximum freedom on the issues. However, it seems there is a strong feeling on the State Committee that we need to add more planks. I wrote most…

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Quick thoughts on the Polito pick for LG

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) It’s official Charlie Baker has picked former state rep Karyn Polito as his running-mate. Some quick observations: 1) The ticket is a pretty good fit geographically. Western MA voters should be happy.

2) Polito did reasonably well in 2010 in her unsuccessful run for state Treasurer against Steve Grossman. She also has…

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