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21 Days Out

Twenty-one days out and Barry Obama has an 8 point lead in realclearpolitics’ average of national polls.  Five major national polls have Obama above 50%, RCP’s averages have Obama with a 5 point or better lead in Florida, Virginia and Colorado and he’s leading in three other Bush states.   RCP’s projects Obama with a safe 313 electoral vote–43 more…

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SouthCoast GOP – Debate Night in America

You are Cordially Invited to: DEBATE NIGHT IN AMERICA Hosted By: SEMassGOP Network Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 Time: 8:30pm Place: Dunkin’ Donuts, 255 State Rd, (R. 6), Dartmouth, MA 02747

         We will be meeting in the brand new business center adjoining Dunkin’ Donuts (Rt. 6 & Tucker Rd) Cost: FREE Enjoy a cup of coffee…

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Wheels coming off the Straight Talk Express

Sitting in beloved Arlington, Massachusetts, it’s tough to get a feel for national politics.  We are one of the bluest towns in one of the bluest states, so when it feels like everyone is for the Democrat, it comes as a surprise when the results turn out differently. Four years ago, it seemed as if every other car in town…

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Only one way McCain can win – and this is it.

This election is so very much like the recent Gubernatorial election in Massachusetts.  In the final 30 days of the Healey vs Patrick election the Healey campaign issued a number of ads and reports of Deval Patrick being tied to Ben LaGuer and being sympathetic to criminals.  The backlash was sad and many voters thought the attacks were unwarranted.  I…

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