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Remember the Military

Laurel was all gleeful that they were donating to Obama 6:1 and ended it with a “Is anyone surprised?”….like it meant that they SUPPORTED Obama 6:1, presumably due to the wars. ….and adding know-nothing-about-the-military comments like this: Why isn’t the old military guy getting more love from the forces?  Could it be because they see through McCain’s baseless feel-good war…

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The Al Smith Dinner

My name is Karl Marx and I'm not here to spread the wealth (at the point of a gun or with a smile). I'm here to spread some cheer.   Best line: Olberman and his padded room.  Obama was pretty good too!…

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McCain Obama III:

Easily Senator McCain’s best night. He was just better on taxes, economic recovery planning, education, campaign discussions. Obama clearly held his own in the first two but there was a separation tonight.…

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