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Mass Economist Endorses John McCain

http://crnation.com/2008/07/07… We enthusiastically support John McCain’s economic plan. It is a comprehensive, pro-growth, reform agenda. The reform focuses on the real economic problems Americans face today and will face in the future. And it builds on the core economic principles that have made America great. Constantine Alexandrakis, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth Economists who have signed this statement: Burton Abrams,…

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Yet another McCain shake-up?

Ya, you guys have every reason to be confident of a Republican victory, if not in the Statehouse, if not in Congress, then maybe the Presidency Or maybe not… All of this intrigue breeds discouragement among even those former McCain associates who do not dispute the notion that voters now might be getting an early glimpse of the messy, unstructured…

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Massachusetts for McCain

(We need real leadership, not a rookie sensation, to lead out Country – promoted by Cool Cal) I’m sure many of you have already jumped aboard the “Straight Talk Express” and are actively supporting Senator John McCain as our next President of the United States.  However, for those of you still looking to connect to the McCain campaign here in…

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Bush base yet to rush to donate to McCain

Funding woes tied to candidate’s stances, GOP standing in polls By Brian C. Mooney

Globe Staff / July 1, 2008 President Bush has headlined a fund-raising event to help John McCain finance his campaign to succeed him, but most of the big-money backers who helped reelect Bush in 2004 haven’t pulled out their checkbooks for McCain – or asked their…

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