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Beatty Kerry Debate tonight 8PM on NECN

( – promoted by Patrick) As a kid, I knew that when I didn’t have the greatest report card it wouldn’t be me who brought up the fact that it arrived home with me during dinner conversation. When I did have a good one, I’d be waving it when I walked through the door for all to see. Senator Kerry…

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Jeff Beatty Debates John Kerry – TONIGHT!

Tonight is the TV debate between Jeff Beatty & John Kerry.  I hope we all will take some time out of the Patriots game to watch this instead! Jeff Beatty Statement on First Senatorial Debate Following the announcement that the first Massachusetts Senatorial Debate will take place live this Monday, October 20th at 8pm, Jeff Beatty released this statement: “I…

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John Kerry & Barney Frank lead Mass’s DC Delegation in Office Spending

As if we needed more reasons to elect Jeff Beatty for US Senate (www.JeffBeatty.com)& Earl Sholley for US House of Representatives (www.SholleyForCongress.us) here comes the following story from today’s Boston Herald. http://www.bostonherald.com/ne… Mass. pols spend freely despite huge Dow nosedive

John Kerry, Barney Frank top the list The economic squeeze gripping the nation has yet to hit the Bay State…

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Beatty: Why I’m challenging Kerry and why I’ll win (PolitickerMA.com)

Beatty: Why I’m challenging Kerry and why I’ll win Beginning in 2006, Jeff Beatty knew he wanted to run for one of Massachusetts’ seats in Washington, but, he said, the questions were which one and when. In this third and final segment of a sit down interview with PolitickerMA.com, Beatty reflects on his political education, namely what tricks he picked…

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Kerry Challenges Beatty To Two Debates

( – promoted by Cool Cal) Senator Kerry’s campaign announced today that the Senator had challenged Republican Jeff Beatty to 2 hour-long debates, one on TV and one on radio, and that Beatty had accepted.

The Senator’s campaign manager, Roger Lau, issued a statement:

“Now more than ever,  blah blah blah ” `lifted from the pages of bmg  …

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Jeff Beatty: Beat the Odds?

I certainly hope that Jeff Beatty can beat the odds and while we’re laboring away for McCain-Palin let us do what we can to ensure a victory for our US Senate candidate, Jeff Beatty. If Republican Jeff Beatty is going to pull off a monumental upset over Sen. John F. Kerry in November, he’ll have to do so without…

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