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Global Warming: Facing overwhelming evidence to the contrary, believers can’t let it go

(Join the Facebook Group We Demand A Congressional Climate Change Investigation – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Lost in the wall to wall Tisei coverage this weekend was a post I made regarding the discovery of emails and data showing that climatologists have been fudging their data.  This new discovery underscores what I’ve been saying, that “Global Warming” in a addition…

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John Kerry doesn’t know what “cap and trade” means so changes name of bill in hopes to pass it

John Kerry has admitted that he doesn’t know what “cap and trade means.”  So he is introducing a new “pollution reduction” bill in hopes economy killing legislation will pass.  So says the New York Times. Kerry last week sought to change the vernacular surrounding the climate bill and sell its concepts more broadly, insisting it is not a…

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This was clearly deliberately announced at the last minute and only to select Kerry supporters and Obots. Edward 59 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Somerville Townhall Join Senator John Kerry and discuss the issues at an open Town Hall in Somerville, MA. The seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early to make sure you get in! With so much interest…

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