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A Foreign Policy for the next Republican Senator from Massachusetts & for the Nation

Keith Lepor With Senator John Kerry’s departure from the Commonwealth and ascension to the lofty heights of President Obama’s State Department, the former Senior Senator from Massachusetts will now have an opportunity to craft his final legacy. Of particular concern to many observers of international relations should be the prospect of four more years of Obama’s Foreign Policy.  A policy…

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New article: What qualifications are advantageous for MA U.S. Senate candidates?

(Interesting look. Good Blog – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) A new article on my Mass. Numbers blog: http://massnumbers.blogspot.co… What qualifications are advantageous for MA U.S. Senate candidates?

A history of open Senate races in Massachusetts since 1926 Senator John Kerry has been nominated by President Obama to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next U.S. Secretary of State…

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Obama to Nominate John Kerry for Sec. of State Today

Not a huge surprise, but Foxnews is reporting that President Obama will nominate Massachusetts Senator John Kerry to be the next Secretary of State. A senior administration official says President Obama on Friday will nominate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., as his next secretary of state. Kerry’s nomination marks Obama’s first move in a sweeping overhaul of his national security team…

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Another shameless power grab by MA Dems?

It’s been an interesting time for me in Massachusetts this year, seeing the differences (the many, many, many differences) between that state and my home state of  Florida. Both states have a legislature dominated by one party, but with wide variation in how much autonomous power the controlling party really has. When the Republicans who control the Florida House and…

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Best post-debate news yet- Obama team blames Kerry

Of all the positive new coming from the debate on Wednesday, the best is that Sen. John Kerry (D. Newport, RI) appears to have blown his chance to be secretary of state. As discussed in earlier posts, Kerry has been busting a testicle to convince the president that he has his back. Kerry has gone so far as to claim…

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