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Joe Kennedy v Barney Frank in 2012

(I wish Sean Bielat the best of luck here in 2010 and hope he wins. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) Since the Special Election in January, not much has been heard from Joe Kennedy despite conjecture that he would make a good candidate against either Martha Coakley or Bill Galvin. Well, after some some six months of inactivity, Joe…

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Joe Kennedy Bob Hedlund conspiracy?

I left my office to go to lunch in a restaurant that I dine frequently at in Quincy.  Who do I stumble into but Senator Robert Hedlund and Joe Kennedy!  They appeared to be deep in conspiratorial conversation.  What possible could they be cooking up?  Would Kennedy be advising Hedlund on Congressional run or would Hedlund be recruiting to join…

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