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Taxpayer Financed John Kerry Staffer says MAGOP should lobby FEMA to be declared a disaster area.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Jim Ogonowski is going to Washington to meet with the National Republican Senatorial Commtitee.  This is a smart move for Jim to be taking, selling his candidacy to those that can help him with fundraising and other support.  The Herald asked John Kerry’s spokesperson David (the DungeonMaster) Wade what the Senator thought about Ogonowski,…

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I support Jim Ogonowski for the 5th Congressional

( – promoted by Cool Cal) Let me start by saying I am fortunate to have worked with both Jim O. and Jeff Beatty. They are both great guys, easily likeable and hard working. That said, Massachusetts needs a candidate who can beat John Kerry. Anyone comparing both gentlemen with no bias, far more often than not will come up…

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Sorry Ogo, But I’m With Beatty On This One

(Might as well get the conversation going.  Ogonowski or Beatty?  Who is best to beat Kerry in November? – promoted by Cool Cal) Disclaimer:  I’m The Chairman of the UMass Dartmouth College Republicans.  I am also not officially affiliated with the Beatty campaign.  This post is not an endorsement by my organization, just me.   As many are aware, Jim…

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