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Patronage for me, but not for thee

That seems to be the message sent by Governor Patrick to Barnstable County Sheriff Cummings as the Gov signaled his intention to sign a $325 million supplemental spending bill, using the most exacting of veto scalpels to carve $104,000 from the appropriation.  For those of  you keeping track at home, that means the Governor objected to exactly 0.032 percent of…

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Republican Jeff Perry Gets $110,000 Kiss in the Mail – Any Outrage Pending?

It seems like any time a Democrat hires another Democrat for a job, the Boston Herald, Howie Carr, and the occasional RMGer go apoplectic. Graft! Beacon Hill cronyism! Backroom insider dealing! Well, I look forward to the Herald, Mr. Carr, and this blog flipping out over an outgoing State Representative getting hooked up with a six-figure job that hasn’t been…

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No power for Congress to mandate

When Federal Judge Henry Hudson ruled that the Federal health care law’s mandate exceeded the authority granted to Congress under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, my faith in our system of checks and balances was strengthened. This decision is 100% correct based on the plain meaning of the Constitution and historical judicial precedents. The 10th Amendment declares that powers…

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