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Kerry Challenges Beatty To Two Debates

( – promoted by Cool Cal) Senator Kerry’s campaign announced today that the Senator had challenged Republican Jeff Beatty to 2 hour-long debates, one on TV and one on radio, and that Beatty had accepted.

The Senator’s campaign manager, Roger Lau, issued a statement:

“Now more than ever,  blah blah blah ” `lifted from the pages of bmg  …

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Jeff Beatty: Beat the Odds?

I certainly hope that Jeff Beatty can beat the odds and while we’re laboring away for McCain-Palin let us do what we can to ensure a victory for our US Senate candidate, Jeff Beatty. If Republican Jeff Beatty is going to pull off a monumental upset over Sen. John F. Kerry in November, he’ll have to do so without…

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Where Is Jeff Beatty?

OK, it’s a week after Labor Day with about 60 days to go before election day. Where is Jeff Beatty? Ask a friend if they even know who he is, and they will probably say “no”. I think with a strong campaign (and campaign finance), Kerry is beatable.

But I’m afraid it is not to be. I am so sick…

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