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Jeff Beatty to receive Counter-terrorism award in Washington DC

(because Sharilee wondered why it wasn’t front paged. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) From www.JeffBeatty.com: Jeff Beatty, Kerry Challenger in US Senate Race, to receive Counter-terrorism award in Washington D.C.

February 25, 2008 Washington, D.C.-Jeff Beatty, Republican U.S. Senate candidate (MA) will be in Washington D.C. this week to receive the International Association of Counter-terrorism and Security Professionals “Guardian…

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An exercise in political suicide

( – promoted by Cool Cal) Before we go any further in this local exercise in political suicide, can we talk here? There’s not much time. Concerning the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race, Jeff Beatty is a well-qualified, well-spoken, articulate, charismatic candidate; a military hero and a true patriot whose message has begun to resonate with people who’ve been sleepwalking through…

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What ever happened to Reagan’s 11th Commandment?

(We should all follow Reagan’s 11th Commandment.  INCLUDING Jeff Beatty and Joe Manzoli.  Anonymous  emails in response attacking Republicans of good standing because they’re not on the Beatty Bandwagon is just as bad. – promoted by Cool Cal) I received this email from Joe Manzoli, Shrewsbury RTC. I thought I would share it with the group as it relates to…

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First Bristol & Plymouth’s Lincoln Day Brunch Coverage

http://www.heraldnews.com/homepage/x1973324823 Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to a conflicting work schedule but I’m told that State Committee members Linda Rapoza & Steve Martin held an excellent event that featured several guest speakers including: Peter Torkildsen, MassGOP chairman; Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson; Joe Schlieff, chairman of the UMass Dartmouth Dartmouth College Republicans; and Bob Heroux, candidate for…

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Where is Jeff Beatty’s FEC Report?

(There is a plausible explanation for the report still being bounced around Washington DC.  Let’s see if that’s the case. I updated the diary with a possible explanation. i.e. They sent the report to the wrong place. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) I’ve waited a full week before posting this.  Year end campaign finance reports were due to the FEC…

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