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Budget Update: 24 Hours to Act on Amendments

It’s a busy week.  The budget debate is underway at the State House, there are upcoming hearings, and we are holding a fundraiser on Sunday.

    In just three short days, legislators will deal with over 1,200 amendments, on everything from taxes to parental rights. Thank you to all who attended the Lyons/Lombardo press conference on MassHealth this morning. It is

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Sanctuary Cities and Towns… Or a Sanctuary State?

Progressives operating under national leadership are working town by town, city by city, across the Commonwealth to turn municipalities into sanctuary cities and towns. Over the past several weeks we’ve organized online petitions in at risk municipalities, and sent them to contacts in our database, asking volunteers to circulate them via email and social media. The links to each can…

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Sanctuary City Hardest Hit by Budget Cuts

It was disappointing to most when Charlie Baker came out in tacit support of sanctuary cities with his hands off policy. “I’ve said all along I think decisions about how communities want to manage public safety and community issues belong to them,” Baker said Wednesday morning. “It’s incumbent on our administration and congressional delegation to work hard to make…

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Illegal immigrant mob rule. Protesters camp out at Senate Dem’s office.

Would any other nation allow this foolishiness? Well maybe Sweden. Flaunting the law, making demands, the residuals of a welfare state. BOSTON — Wearing mortarboards and carrying SAT prep books, members of a student immigrant group camped out in Sen. Eileen Donoghue’s office on Thursday in hopes of urging the Lowell Democrat to back legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants…

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Cato Institute v. Center for Immigration Studies: Cato: “CIS Report Exaggerates Immigrant Welfare Use” Time to take sides?

The CIS study does not compare apples to apples but rather apples to elephants. Source: Center for Immigration Studies Report Exaggerates Immigrant Welfare Use Oh boy this is going to big fight over the benefits and cost of immigration. In a way it’s the think tank version of the The Wall Street Journal view versus the Donald Trump view.…

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