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“Confidential Health Care” or Secret Abortions?

Earlier this week the legislature heard testimony on HB 2960 and SB 591 regarding encouraging children and spouses to keep important health care decisions from their families. Dubbed, Act Relative to “Confidential Healthcare” this legislation would change the law regarding explanations of benefits forms health insurance policy holders receive, and exempt abortions, birth control, or sex-reassignment activities from them. We…

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Massachusetts Candidates on Health Care: A Quick Primer

Before anything else: don’t forget that there is a primary election on Tuesday, September 9 in Massachusetts. All statewide offices are up for election, so be sure to go to nominate your choices for governor, treasurer, attorney general and auditor–and seriously, don’t neglect the auditor. Health care is big in Massachusetts. Not only does the state have some global-best hospitals,…

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ObamaCare Day 63 on day 74

(Great event

– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Josh Archambault of the Pioneer Institute speaking to the Greater Boston Tea Party about the rolling disaster of ObamaCare in Boston on Dec 2.…

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ObamaCare Day 63 with the Boston Tea Party

The Greater Boston Tea Party will host

Joshua Archambault of the Pioneer Institute at

Lir Restaurant

903 Boylston Street Boston

At 8:00 PM

Monday December 2 Mr. Archambault will speak on

“The fate of young and old under ObamaCare. Is it even about health care?” This comes at a great time, soon after the Obama administration will have bungled…

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Romney routs the President. The GOP has chosen wisely.

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Mitt Romney re-introduced himself to the nation with a stunning performance that even David Axelrod, with a very thin reed upon which to praise his boss, gave the former MA governor points for style. But it was Romney’s substance that rolled over Obama throughout the 90 minute debate. On taxes, the budget…

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This Week at Pioneer

Debate:  Will the Massachusetts Payment Reform Proposals Help Control Health Care Costs? Pioneer’s Josh Archambault vs. Health Care for All’s Brian Rosman (Hosted by CommonWealth Magazine)

Josh is working hard to provide a steady stream of insightful analysis to help us understand what’s in this legislation.  We’re posting new videos and blogs almost every day, so check us out!


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