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Missing Elizabeth Warren Links

Last week I was in an Internet free bubble for most of the week. It’s pretty amazing the amount of news I missed out on, both national and local. As I was reviewing all that I missed, it appears there was a flurry of Elizabeth Warren related articles. Here are they are in case you missed them too. November…

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The Math Doesn’t Add Up

The keen eyed Iron Mike at the Rabid Republican Blog noticed a peculiar discrepancy in the media reports of Elizabeth Warren’s much ballyhooed event with Bernie Sanders. They’d bragged about a ‘SOLD OUT’ venue of 3,500;   but news reports suggest they barely drew 1,600. It’s true that the media did report some odd numbers. The number 1,600 was repeated a…

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To Crown a Kingston

The first thing I read about our new Senate candidate was simply that we had one and that he had the blessing of Charlie Baker. His name was not given. For many Republicans in this state perhaps that is enough to support the man. News soon followed that gave a name to he who would be our candidate: John Kingston

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