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State Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh on what Republicans did wrong

Keller @Large: Mass. Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh
November 11, 2012
http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/11/11/keller-large-mass-democratic-party-chairman-john-walsh-2/ Watch Keller @ Large – Part 2: [0:45/03/32]  Jon Keller:   What else did the Republicans do wrong . . . What did they do wrong? [0:40/03/20]  John Walsh:  First of all, um, I thought, the issues really drive the issues, and something just popped into my head. But…

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Why Scott Brown Failed To Get Re-Elected

Although a final count has yet to be made, Democrat Elizabeth Warren last night ousted Massachusetts Republican US Senator Scott Brown. Scott’s re-election was his to lose & he proceeded to do just that. Was it inevitable? It didn’t have to be. But the reasons for Brown’s failure to hold onto “the people’s seat” aren’t complex & sadly reflect a…

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