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Political Science Conversation: A disgusting modularity

Alternative-Alternative Facts Donald Trump’s presidency is the latest consequence of a Leftist campaign, launched at least five decades ago, to punish Republicans for espousing the idea that Christian morality is American morality, for believing what many considered America’s spoken and unspoken consensus on moral values and norms. In response to this rejection of the social and political status of secular…

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America doesn’t have time for political correctness, but the Democrats certainly do!

It’s a shame that the revisionists have gotten a hold of a once great party. Shedding the tribute and the name of the renown Jefferson-Jackson breakfast/lunch/dinner tradition (now favorable in Obama’s America) shows how shallow the group-think has become among liberals. The spillover from post-secondary education has finally taken hold at the micro-level. The attack on American history resumes unabated.…

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“The Birth Of A Nation” Turns One Hundred Years Old This Year

D.W. Griffith‘s legendary racist masterpiece just turned one hundred years old this month. THE BIRTH OF A NATION (1915) revolutionized the art of making movies (techniques that are still used in today’s Hollywood) while at the same time it poisoned race relations & contributed to a brief resurgence of popularity for the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). What always intrigues me…

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