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SNOW JOB: Dems Try to Sneak Legislative Pay Raises Through Snow Removal Funding Bill

House Democrats yesterday tried to sneak legislative committee head pay raises onto a bill that would have funded the snow removal budget overruns, the AP is reporting. House Republicans have blocked an effort to raise the salaries of members of the Legislature’s Revenue Committee.

more stories like this The raises would have doubled the bonus pay for the Revenue Committee…

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How Republicans Lost the House in 2006

One of our unswervingly conservative advocates has posited that the reason why Republicans lost control of both branches of Congress during the 2006 elections was not “just because conservatives were fed up with RINO’s and stayed home (and they were and that was a part of it). Democrats won in 2006 because they ran ‘conservative’ Democrats who were more to…

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The Real Enemy

( – promoted by Cool Cal) On Wednesday afternoon, the Democrat-led COngress took off for a twelve-day break, leaving the Foreign Intelligence Surveillane Act’s authorizations on foreign surveillance to expire. For the next twelve days, the government cannot legally eavesdrop on suspected foreign terrorists’ communications in this country. I’m sure that some of our neighbors at MBG consider that a…

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Affirmative Action: Massachusetts Style

(This is just unbelievable.  I should be numb to this stuff by now. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) William Hayhurst III’s dream of joining the Boston Fire Department and carrying on a family tradition – his late father was a Boston firefighter for 32 years – appeared to be dashed when he received relatively dismal scores on the civil service…

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On Hubris and Hyperbole

( – promoted by Patrick) Every cynical observer of politics knows the old saying, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” These days, you don’t have to be a cynic to believe it. When Mitt Romney first arrived on the political landscape in 1994 to run against Ted Kennedy, I thought that a guy who didn’t smoke, drink, swear or have…

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