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Buh Bye, Alan Colmes

Nitwit talker Sean Hannity won’t have nitwit talker Alan Colmes to kick around any more. Liberal talk host Alan Colmes will leave the top rated cable show Hannity & Colmes, at the end of the year. “I’ll genuinely miss sparring with such a pathetic skillful debate partner.” (Sean Hannity) Question of the day: Who can Fox News find to replace…

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What Massachusetts Republicans and conservative independents need to do

A diagnosis & prescription by Ken Pittman. http://www.kenpittman.com/arti… The MassGOP Valley Forge Reeling from severe defeats here in Massachusetts, nationally and even in regards to state ballot initiatives, the Republicans were routed in 2008. Nationally the Democrats had one last chance at Bush. Revenge was a motivation but to take away from the dynamo candidate Barack Obama would indicate a…

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Conservative Blogger Denounces GOP

Dear Republicans, You earned the beating you took yesterday.  You earned every bit of it.  It is your fault.  Democrats may or may not have deserved to win, but you deserved to lose. The rebuilding and renewal of the Right will start soon.  This will be very important.   The Right and the Republican Party are at an inflection point,…

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